Canadian Folk-Rock Singer-Songwriter

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Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Thomas writes, performs, records, and produces his unique blend of folk, pop, and mariner rock.

Bryce was a CBC Music Top 50 judges’ pick in Searchlight 2018 for his song, “Midnight in the Garden”, and a regional Top 10 finalist in Searchlight 2017 for his song “Suburban Wreck”. To date, Bryce has four full-length album releases: 501 Neville Park (1999), Once Were Explorers (2004), Midnight in the Garden (2011), and Immovable Feast (2015).

When not caught in the tidal pull of the suburbs, Bryce traverses the murky depths of international stardom… a fable of his own making.

Dig My Own Grave (Official Video)

The music video for Dig My Own Grave was filmed and edited by Bryce on January 20, 2020.

The Waves (Official Video)

The music video for The Waves was conceptualized, directed, and edited by Bryce in January 2019 and filmed underwater by Lora Moore-Kakaletris.

Midnight in the Garden (Official Video)

The music video for Midnight In The Garden was filmed by Bryce during a midnight Nuit Blanche party on the bank of the River Seine in Paris, France.

Suburban Wreck (Official Video)

The music video for Suburban Wreck was conceptualized, filmed and edited by Bryce.


Immovable Feast

Bryce’s latest folk-rock album, Immovable Feast, explores the trials and tribulations of being run-aground in the suburbs. Written, performed, and recorded by Bryce using many stringed things.

Midnight In The Garden by Bryce Thomas

Midnight in the Garden

Bryce’s darkly evocative album, Midnight in the Garden, was released in 2010. The songs were written, performed and recorded by Bryce in his home studio during the midnight hours while babes slept.

Once Were Explorers by Bryce Thomas

Once Were Explorers

Bryce’s 2004 debut album, Once Were Explorers, features songs set against Mediterranean mornings, South-East Asian afternoons and New Zealand nights. The album was recorded by Mitch Girio with Chris Monster on bass, Dave Stevenson on drums and Lisanne Thomas on backing vocals.


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