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Album Release Event packs C’est What?!

WOW OH WOW WHAT A NIGHT! Thank you to everyone who came out to my SOLD OUT album release show @cestwhatto for ACROSS THE NEURO SEAS. It was a fantabulous night of musical mayhem… See where I’m playing next!

Released during the height of the “who knew it would go on so long” pandemic lockdown, ACROSS THE NEURO SEAS features 11 indie folk-rock tales in the spirit of Canada’s acclaimed songwriting bards (Hawksley Workman, Sarah Slean, Danny Michel, Joel Plaskett), and with echoes of The Waterboys, Billy Joel, David Bowie, and Ben Folds Five. From the opening waltz of Perpetual Motion Machines and the tender acoustics of Summer Nights in Summertime, to the southern flavours of Savannah Blue and piano swagger of We Shall Be Bound, Bryce’s fourth album flows with a narrative arc that dives deep into the hopes and lives of lovers found, lost, and reclaimed.

“Bryce Thomas has created something special with Across the Neuro Seas… an album full of melody and positive energy… just right for drifting away to for a while during these challenging times.”


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Bryce Thomas Singer-Songwriter

Canada’s Most Famous
Undiscovered Singer-Songwriter

Bryce Thomas is a brilliant and strikingly handsome singer-songwriter who writes, performs, records, and produces a distinct blend of alternative folk and folk-rock music. His songs are smart, quirky, heartfelt, and bombastic… everything one could want for their life’s soundtrack.

Bryce has independently released four full-length albums: Across the Neuro Seas (2021), Immovable Feast (2015), Midnight in the Garden (2011), and Once Were Explorers (2004)… all while babies slept (his, not some random babies). Bryce also creates all of his stylish album artwork, sexy self-portraits, and mesmerizing music videos, and he is the official sponsor of Canon camera shutter timers and auto-focus.

Bryce was a CBC Music Top 50 judges’ pick in Searchlight 2018 for his song, Midnight in the Garden, and a regional Top 10 finalist in Searchlight 2017 for his song Suburban Wreck.

Catch Bryce live at a variety of Ontario venues in the coming months.

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The Waves (Music Video)

The music video for Bryce’s song The Waves was somewhat foolishly conceptualized, performed, and edited by Bryce. The two-hour underwater shoot was filmed by the very talented and brave Canadian photographer Lora Moore-Kakaletris. No instruments were (permanently) harmed during the shoot. Fun fact: Bryce learned how to maximize his time underwater with tips from an online community of live mermaid performers.

Perpetual Motion Machines (Music Video)

Perpetual Motion Machines is Bryce’s first single off his latest album, ACROSS THE NEURO SEAS, and an ode to parenthood, the magic of unexpected dreams come true, and a waltz down rivers to the sea. The official music video was filmed by director/editor Neil Craig (Chopper Pictures) and D.O.P Jerome Tan. Fun fact: To achieve its wonderful, dreamy quality, the video was filmed with Bryce lip-syncing to his song sped up by 200%… which fortunately is half the speed at which Bryce normally talks.

Suburban Wreck (Music Video)

The official music video for Suburban Wreck was conceptualized, filmed, and edited by Bryce. The shoot involved lots of moving furniture, blind faith in auto-focus, and an hour when everyone was out of the house. Fun Fact: No one even knew the shoot happened… that’s how good Bryce is at moving furniture.


Across the Neuro Seas

Set sail on Bryce’s newest collection of voyage worthy folk-rock tales… from the opening waltz down rivers to the sea in ‘Perpetual Motion Machines’, to the closing piano swagger of ‘We Shall Be Bound’. Released in 2021, ACROSS THE NEURO SEAS was written, performed, recorded and produced by Bryce in his home studio during the first two months of Covid lockdown 2020.

Immovable Feast

Bryce’s 2015 folk-rock album, Immovable Feast, explores the trials and tribulations of being run-aground in the suburbs. The album was written, performed, and recorded by Bryce in his home studio using many stringed things.

Midnight In The Garden by Bryce Thomas

Midnight in the Garden

Bryce’s darkly evocative album, Midnight in the Garden, was released in 2010. The songs were written, performed and recorded by Bryce in his home studio during the midnight hours while babes slept.

Once Were Explorers by Bryce Thomas

Once Were Explorers

Bryce’s 2004 debut album, Once Were Explorers, features songs set against Mediterranean mornings, South-East Asian afternoons and New Zealand nights. The album was recorded and co-produced by Mitch “King King” Girio and features Chris Monster on bass, Dave Stevenson on drums, and Lisanne Thomas on backing vocals.