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Bryce Thomas

Entertainer. Explorer. Effervescent. Canadian singer-songwriter Bryce Thomas has oft traveled the back roads of the Canadian music scene in search of corpulent grace. Harlot of the musical stage. Singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, mandolin-ist, aspiring percussionist and, dare we forget, accordionist. Bryce's music is at times folk-y, often rock-y and occasionally pop-y. The love child of 1970s David Bowie, 1980s Raffi, 1990s Dave Matthews and 2000s Hawksley Workman... yes it was one heck of an industry party. When not coaxing music from stringed things, Bryce traverses the murky depths of international stardom. A fable of his own making.



Well knock me down with a feather! My song Suburban Wreck earned a REGIONAL TOP TEN spot in the CBC Searchlight contest. Many thanks to @CBCMusic for helping make this undiscovered suburban rock star a little less undiscovered!




SEARCHLIGHT 2017: Here we go again!

My rock star quest for Canadian music industry gratification continues! http://www.cbcmusic.ca/searchlight/1014 ...My song "Suburban Wreck" is in the running for #CBCMusic's #Searchlight 2017... an ode for all of us currently run-aground in the suburbs (and any of you who just love to rock it up!). I hope my rockstar alter-ego can earn your vote every day!



immovable feast

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Bryce Thomas, IMMOVABLE FEAST (released September 2015) features 11 folk-rock infused songs expressing the highs and lows of being run-aground in the suburbs. With echoes of Simon & Garfunkel, The Waterboys, and David Bowie, Bryce's third album artfully continues his lush narrative of life, love and libatious lingerings, crafted through Bryce's signature multi-layered vocals, driving rhythms, multi-instrument orchestration and evocative lyrics.

NEW VIDEO: Dig My Own Grave

The visual juxtaposition of my muse in motion with my wee song on re-birth and regeneration, from my album MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN.

NEW VIDEO: Soul Right

Self-filmed for the 2016 CBC Searchlight competition, the video for SOUL RIGHT is my first-ever music video. Me, myself and I, hope you like it.


Now here we are many years later, We've got the kids to keep us from failure – YOU BELONG TO ME
Let me be the thunder that wakes you from your sleep, and slowly draws you under and lulls you back to sleep – THE WAVES
So it comes back to me, Bottle wine 3am, And the moon arcs high over you and I, I'm watchin' you watchin' me… wait and see – ILLUSION
Suburban life's like an automobile wreck, You'd hit the brakes but you're already in it – SUBURBAN WRECK
Takes a long life to get your soul right, takes all you got and then some – SOUL RIGHT
Ya we'll burn one up and fall right in, Cause the sun is warm and so's your skin – SKIN
Everyone is Molly's friend, They'll love Molly to the end, If only Molly could see, No one thinks she's worth the novelty – GOOD MORNING MOLLY
Take control, Count it down, Ya they bounced off the moon and made some squishy sound – BREATH
Oh my eyes they burn from the smoke you blew in the them, Makes me blind to the lives that we designed – SELDOM
Someone call out the dogs, Someone call out their names, Someone call out whoever here's to blame – 500 POUNDS
I believe it's true that I can see in you, All these changes in me comin' round – AFTERTASTE